Star Signs: Tropical Zodiac

The Tropical Zodiac is tied to the calendar year and is an artifical division of the sky into twelve sections, with the starting point determined by the Northern Spring Equinox. This is the system commonly in use by Western Astrologers. These dates may vary by one day, depending upon time zone and period within each Olympiad.

Aries21 March20 April
Taurus20 April21 May
Gemini21 May22 June
Cancer22 June23 July
Leo23 July23 August
Virgo23 August23 September
Libra23 September24 October
Scorpio24 October22 November
Sagittarius22 November22 December
Capricorn22 December20 January
Aquarius20 January19 February
Pisces19 February21 March