This website features some of the research by Alison Moroney in Egyptian archaeoastronomy, including research on the King Lists; information on the alignment of the shafts of Khufu’s pyramid with the ecliptic, celestial equator, and lunar orbital planes; an alternative archaeoastronomical dating of the Great Pyramid to the 5th millenium BC; a suggested Giza masterplan; the development of the Osirian mythology in association with a changing Egyptian perspective of Orion throughout the ages; insights into how the ancient Egyptians have have came to known the value of Pi.

Alison completed an honours degree (with class 1 honours) in archaeology in 2012 at the University of Queensland, where she also won the prestigious Blue Mountains Prize in Archaeology in 2010. The work in these webpages was researched and written by Alison before she began her archaeological studies in 2007. Although an astrologer of more than three decades standing, Alison formalised her training in astronomy at the tertiary level at the Queensland University of Technology.